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SAGE is a medicinal herb of great healing capacity, very commonly used. The leaves and flowers are picked in May and July, while in bloom. It is dried in a dry and airy place but not in the Sun. It contains essential oils, potassium, sodium and bitter matters. Sage helps healing colds, inflammations of respiratory organs, but also the problems of the oral cavity. For example: it is enough to rub teeth with fresh leaves to avoid periodontosis and to whiten them. Warm sage tea is excellent diuretic; it is used also to cure the problems with liver, bile, rheumatism, tremor, diabetes, obesity. Moreover, it helps the metabolism and strengthens the nerves.
The tea is prepared in the following way: 2 dl of boiled water are poured over a few leaves of sage. The tea is than covered and left to cool off. Sage is also prepared with milk. It is best when a teaspoon of sage-blossom honey is added to this drink. Honey can be purchased from the local people. The tea is drank while warm and serves to fight cold and hoarseness.
Sage can be used for preparing wine, also. Sage is boiled in half a litre of wine and half a litre of water. It has to be drank warm, two cups a day. It has good influences on the whole organism, especially on kidneys and liver. It is also used for washing festering wounds and for reducing the temperature.

FENNEL -The ripe fruits are picked in the period from July to September. We can boil fennel in milk (for about 10 minutes) or make a tea out of it. It is a medicine against intestinal problems, anaemia, cough, chest pain, colics, cold, flue and food poisoning. The tea is used for rinsing the eyes. It is given to children mixed with honey, in cases of cold and irregular bowel movement. Sometimes, it is added to brandy for the aroma. One small glass of brandy with fennel cures the intestinal problems.
The fruit is picked in September, roots in May and April, while the rest of the plant can be picked during the whole summer. It is dried in a dark and dry place. The roots contain essential oils. It mostly helps against distended stomach and cramps. If it is used for healing chest pain, than the root has to be boiled until softened and still warm put on the chest.
The fennel seeds in brandy make excellent medicine for purifying the organism. The seeds put in the olive oil help with rheumatism and ulcers, while boiled in wine heal kidneys, bladder, forces passing the stones; helps with menstruation, varicose veins, liver and spleen problems. Mild fennel tea is given to the babies for colics. The ones suffering from asthma and cough are recommended to drink fennel tea with some honey.

ROSEMARY -Leaves and flowers are picked from May to June. Rosemary contains essential oils used for making refreshing baths, especially pleasant to the people suffering from rheumatism. The rosemary tea (3-4 g of rosemary and 250 g of water) works up the appetite, helps with distended stomach and ulcer, anaemia and general weakness. The sprigs of rosemary can be put in a bottle of brandy and kept in the Sun for 10 days. The oil is gained in the same way. It helps with rheumatism and dislocations. Three small glasses a day of the rosemary wine help strengthening the body.

THYME - it has a very strong and pleasant odour. The whole plant is picked and dried in an airy place (best on the attic). It is used for preparing tea and for bath. Thyme tea is made like this: we pour some boiling water over thyme and leave it covered for 15 minutes. Then we filter it and add honey and lemon juice at will. It can be drunk throughout the day. It helps cure pulmonary diseases, cough, bronchitis; gastric problems, anaemia, problems with bladder and bile. It gives strength. It is used as a medicine for aching joints and vertigo.-

(taken from www.otokpag.com)